About us

Questionnaire production, publishing, sample collection, which integrates data union, is a link to sample the demand side and the sample supplier. The demand by DataUnion provides questionnaire to the supplier, the supplier collect data samples by DataUnion provided to the demand side。

The sample needs

We have hundreds of samples in domestic suppliers, can quickly gather and provide high quality data samples in various fields。

Release the questionnaire

Here you can put in the questionnaire, you can specify the sample supplier questionnaire, constantly progress queries。

Release the questionnaire

Sample the demand to provide various types of questionnaire to the supplier。

Uninterrupted collection

Samples of 24 h push supplier questionnaire, help to collect。

Progress of the query

Synchronous record to push the result, always a query。

Making questionnaire

Here you can write the questionnaire, you can specify sample supplier for sample collection, query and detailed sample data download progress。

Write online questionnaire

You can edit the questionnaire by DataUnion online questionnaire system, this system covers more than 30 topic, meet the demand of 90% of the survey。

Release the questionnaire

You can edit the questionnaire, can easily on the existing questionnaires to the DataUnion, to obtain the data sample.

Choose the supplier

We have hundreds of agents, you can randomly on the questionnaire, or specify the sample questionnaire survey provider。

Detailed data record

Through a number of strict testing and calibration, data to obtain the highest quality data samples, the detailed record and encrypted to protect the data sample。

Sample management

Data sample synchronization update to management, managers can through management progress of query, view, download the sample data, and so on。

Detailed data analysis

Support sample data online analysis, generated graphics, used for the interpretation of the result of better efficiency and communication, you can use the results of the analysis for the most needed areas。


So far, has 25876 cumulative release project, participated in 87804689, accumulated to complete 5271456 data, data efficiently as high as 95%.


Publish the project 25876


Participate in the survey of 87804689 people


Cumulative collection 5271456


4921866 valid data

Sample distribution

Members in the domestic provinces, cities, counties, millions. Age, gender distribution equilibrium, many areas covering various fields, and basically met the sample demand of all kinds of questionnaires。

The car industry90%
The health care industry70%
Network industry95%
The electronics industry75%
Other industries85%

The sample supply

If you are a web site, there are a large number of members, can provide high quality data samples, please select add sample, you will receive a commission。

Join the process

According to the following process to join us, you can convert your traffic into income。

Apply online

Fill out the application form online waiting for the review of the service。

Data docking

Through the technical personnel data docking。

Collecting samples

Collecting data samples, the more the better。

To get the commission

According to the sample size, distributing the commission to your account。

Join us

Our business philosophy: customer first, credit first, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, sincerely welcome you to join us。

Select role

You need to write the questionnaire or send questionnaire, please join the demand side,If you can provide the data sample, please join the supplier

The demand side

Sample the demand side: making questionnaire, to get the data samples.


To apply for

Condition: individual or enterprise

The supplier

Sample supply: data sample collection, get commission.


To apply for

Condition: the enterprise type, 3 years or above qualifications, Every day people number > 1000 / day

Contact us

If you have any needs, can leave a message or contact us through the following way online。


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